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We Help Commercial Property Owners, Real Estate Investors and Business Owners Get the Money You Need When Your Banker Says, "NO"

When Your Local Banker Says 'No' To Your Small Balance Loan Request Turn To Us For Reliable Funding Sources

In today's credit market, even if you have been a great customer with a bank for years, they may still turn down your real estate or business loan request if they have too many bad loans on their books, need to increase their cash reserves or are just too plain scared of taking on any new loan risks.

You are likely searching online for another reliable lending source and found our website because this has happened to you. We are here to help.

We have created a Directory of Funding Sources for you to download for free. Just click on the button at the top of the page.

This directory is ideal for small balance commercial loans under $500,000, commercial and residential rehab property projects and business loans.

If you are looking for other types of commercial loans, go to the left sidebar and find your loan type and click on the Apply Now! button to be directed to a reliable loan source.

Commercial Property Loans

For details on loan criteria on some specific loan or property types, go to the list on the left sidebar and click on the loan type with a hyperlink.

Alternative or Outside-the-Box Loan Options

If you are a real estate investor or business owner, you may not have a project that is easy to finance with a bank or other typical lending source. For example, finding money for a real estate rehab project can be very challenging.

We have identified some alternative or outside-the-box loan options for you. For details go to the left sidebar and look for Rehab Loans Apply Now! button.

We also have information on raising all the money you want from private money sources that will avoid you having to jump through all the hoops banks and even hard-money lenders want you to go through before handing over their money. Click here for more details

As an aspiring business owner or established business owner, obtaining a business loan or credit line can be a challenge. We have information you can use on getting money for your business.

1. Click here for details and your copy of our special report: 21 Ways Business Owners Can Raise Cash and Restructure Debt

2. Click here to learn a DIY system to build corporate or business credit

Business Loans and Services for Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners

In today’s economic environment, smart business owners are looking for solutions to enhance their cash flow with a business loan or line of credit. Since many commercial property owners are business owners, we have expanded our services to help business owners obtain business financing, reduce debt and cut costs to increase cash flow.

For more details on these business solutions click on the name of the money solution below:

bullet Credit Card Processing Fees: 3 out of 4 business owners qualify to cut their credit card processing fees with substantial savings

bullet Business Cash Advance: Option #1: Obtain a cash advance based on your credit card sales volume

bullet Business Cash Advance: Option #2: Obtain a cash advance based on your account receivables, aka, factoring

bullet Line of Credit: Secured and Unsecured

bullet Business Debt Restructuring: Let an experienced law office negotiate your business debt with creditors and avoid BK

bullet Sell Your Note: You can sell your business note or real estate note and get needed cash in just days

Do You Know the 3 Phases To Getting Loan Approval?

The key to getting fast approvals with banks and other loan sources is a well-prepared loan submission package that uses a little-known LOAN APPROVAL FORMULA.

bullet Phase 1. Matching the Right Lender with the Loan Request - Not all lenders like all loan types. Lenders typically have loan niches that they like to fund. If you pick the wrong the lender for your loan type, expect to get quickly rejected.

bullet Phase 2. The Loan Submission Package - Once a matching lender is identified, the next critical phase is to submit a loan package that gets approved by the underwriter...and in a timely manner.

Your loan package is your opportunity to put your "best foot forward" and present your project as favorably as possible to the lender. If you mess up this critical step, your loan package will go to the bottom of the underwriter's stack and will eventually go in the "reject pile."

If you would like to enhance your chances of getting your loan request approved, you should have your loan package Pre-Underwritten.

What does that mean? Well, banks and other lending sources have "cheat sheets" they use to underwrite or qualify loan requests. The underwriting criteria is different for each property type.

So, even though you may have a complete and professional loan package, if you don't know the ratios the underwriter uses to approve your loan, you'll still end up in the "reject pile." Most loan brokers don't bother to do this because it means more work for them. To make sure that doesn't happen to you, ask them specifically about this feature of a loan submission package.

bullet Phase 3. The Loan Underwriting Process - Many tasks are being done during your loan approval and underwriting process. You need to work closely with the underwriter or loan officer to make sure you submit complete and clearly understood documents in a timely manner to avoid delays. And remember to FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW UP with good communication.

If you're serious about getting a small balance commercial property loan or business loan, grab the Directory of Funding Sources now at the top of the page.

Confirm Down Payment Requirements for Commercial Property Loans Here

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